Marine of the Week: Koenen Siegfric

Hello Hobbyists! Today I start a new feature, Marine of the Week, where I’ll focus on the modelling and/or painting of one of my Deathwatch Marines. I’m converting nearly every one in the army, so there’ll be plenty of unique conversions to see. First up: Koenen Siegfric:

Koenen hails from the ill-fated Kill team Excis, who were the poor redshirt marines who died in the fluff of Deathwatch: Overkill. They got rules in White Dwarf when the magazine went back to being monthly, but the models were simply constructed from the kill-team box. I wanted to fit them to scale with kill team Cassius, so I used some old marine bodies I had lying around with weapons from the new kit.

Since Koenen comes from the Howling Griffons chapter, I’ve given a nod to the chapter’s fluff by him a scroll of vows hanging beneath his legs. Beside this are two more scrolls, indicating that he’s honoured many vows over his career. I’ve also kitted out his belt with grenades and gear to fit him in with the stock GW models. Unfortunately the new deathwatch kits have longer arms, so he’s got an extra-bad case of gorilla-limbs. On the positive side, it gives him a greater sense of bulk compared to regular, bolter-wielding marines.

That’s all for now, come back next week for Luca Thalassi, from the Flesh Tearers chapter.