The Beginning of Xenomortis

Hello hobbyists,

Next on the line for your viewing pleasure is the work in progress of my Deathwatch Redemptor Dreadnought.

The 7th edition Deathwatch codex has a brief mention of a Dreadnought named Xenomortis, an ancient being of unknown origin who has forsaken even his own identity in order to store more knowledge about killing aliens. I loved the Redemptor Dreadnought model and my Deathwatch needed some heavily armoured, anti-infantry firepower, so creating a model of this enigmatic battle brother fit excellently.

As you can see, his sarcophagus has been heavily modified to have a primaris-style head. I built this using parts from a ghost-keel head, cutting, filing and adding green-stuff to achieve the final result. I’ve used styrene plastic to build up the machinery that allows him to look around. Chains have been painstakingly glued in place (note the super-glue that has leaked all over the scroll-work beneath them) to give the impression of a caged beast; dangerous and deadly. The Deathwatch both fear and revere him, uncertain of when he might snap and add humans to his list of targets. In order to match the angle of the head, I modified his primary weapon arm to be able to twist and aim his weapon. I’ve also magnetised all his weapons, in case he ever needs to something other than paste infantry with his Gatling cannon (or if the other weapon options get re-costed to actually be worth taking).

That’s all for now. He’s due for my local store’s “Knights of Duncan” painting competition this year, so expect to see more of him in the near future!