The Cult Arises!

Followers of the four armed emperor, it’s time to drill into another one of my army projects; the Genestealer Cult!

This army hasn’t got a name or story yet, but their theme is based on high visibility gear worn by mining and construction workers. They’ll have bright orange armour, blue fatigues with high visibility strips painted on, perfect for ambushing foes from the shadows. I’ve not completed any models yet, but here’s how I’ve painted them so far.

This particular scheme uses games workshop paints. First, I hit them with a white primer, followed by airbrushing on Troll Slayer Orange. Then I dry-brush on Fire Dragon Bright and wash with Reikland Flesh shade. The skin is then repainted white and washed with watered down Drakkenhoff Nightshade to give it the pale blue effect. I block out the black and metal areas with Abaddon Black. The metal gets a coat of Leadbelcher and a wash with 50:50 Nuln Oil and Argrax Earthshade. You can see the last one’s fatigues are painted Kantor Blue and washed with Nuln Oil and it’s joints, mouth and eyes picked out with Fire Dragon Bright. I’m not so sure about those last steps though, so check back soon for the results of my experimentation!

That’s all for now, but I’m hoping to have these bad boys done in time for my local store’s Armies on Parade at the start of November.