Marine of the Week: Demetor Krasos

Hello Hobbyists,

This weeks marine of the week is a simple one, since Xenomortis used up all my hobby power in the sprint to get him complete. Demetor Krasos heralds from the Silver Skulls chapter, and is one of the more basic ‘line troops’ that will feature in my watch company.

Demetor is a straightforward conversion:  I swapped the expensive power sword for a free chainsword. This keeps his cost down and makes him easy to field in small to medium games. The chainsword is from the vanguard veterans kit and, as you can see, features a healthy dose of skulls. Speaking of skulls, I chose components that had skulls on them, to fit with the chapter’s name.

That’s all for this week, and this year! Check back later for the next marine of the week!



  • Very cool model. How is your Deathwing force coming along?

    • Anthonace

      I’m guessing you’re referring to my deathwatch force, as I don’t have any deathwing models.
      The force has been going slowly, I’ve been getting stuff done for marine of the week and I already have kill team Cassius undercoated ready for painting.
      Progress should speed up a bit in the next few weeks as I have a tournament coming up, and I want to has as much done as I can by then.