Marine of the Week: Raoul Freising

Hello Hobbyists,

Raoul Freising of the Black Templars is this week’s Marine of the Week.  Wielding a heavy thunder hammer, Raoul brings hard-hitting assault power to the battlefield.

Many of my Deathwatch models are actually efforts to use up old parts from space marine kits that were otherwise going to languish in a box somewhere. With Raoul I went one step further and took his mk 8 chest plate from an old model. To cover up some of the damage, I added on his tabard, which fits him nicely with the Black Templars Aesthetic.

In order to make his default assault marine legs a little more interesting, I also added rivets using green stuff, which were made using a silicone tool I built for the purpose.

Unfortunately, Raoul is unlikely to see the battlefield in the near future, as the high cost of heavy thunder hammers and vanguard veterans fragility makes him un-viable in the small games that I tend to play.

That’s all for now, check back next week for the next marine!



  • Very nice work, love the tabbard. I’ve found the Heavy Thunder Hammer to be a bit lacklustre myself. Only two attacks hitting on 4’s is not great for its very high cost.

    • Anthonace

      Thanks! and yeah, I noticed in chapter approved leaks that the regular thunder hammer is getting a point-cost reduction, which makes the heavy version look even worse.

    • Anthonace

      Thanks! Yeah, when I saw that chapter approved might lower the cost of regular thunder hammers, but no similar change was made to heavy ones, their over-costed-ness was even more clear.