Marine of the Week: Sanzio Raffaello

Hello Hobbyists,

Marine of the week is having a belated Christmas Special! Admittedly there’s nothing special about it, so on to the marine: Sanzio Raffaello of the Blood Angels:

Sanzio is probably one of the most straight forward conversions featured so far, with only a tiny bit of green stuff used to make a strap for his combat blade.

Sanzio uses death company chest piece and legs, alongside from accessories from the blood angels tactical marine kit. I picked these up through bitz sellers, rather than buying the whole kit to equip one model.

Given the state of shotguns in the current Deathwatch rules (costing points but not being substantially better than the bolter), Sanzio will likely join Raoul, Vondel and Siegfric on the shelf.

That’s all for this article, I’ll upload another marine during the week.