Marine of the Week: Vutor Zytos

Hello Hobbyists,

Sorry for the late article this week, I’ve had a particularly busy one! This week’s marine will not be the last member of Kill Team Excis, but a new marine of my own creation. Behold; Vutor Zytos of the Salamanders!

Vutor will bring another frag cannon to the chronological hodge-podge that is my deathwatch army, fighting alongside members from Kill Teams Cassius and Exis.

Vutor’s Frag Cannon comes from the Kill team Cassius Kit, so his arms are more “normally” proportioned than some of his mark 7 armoured brothers. I removed the servo skull from the vent and swapped out the base of the backpack (which normally is covered with Imperial Fist gear), but otherwise not much work was required to fit the cannon in place. Vutor also features some sculpted detail, including a drake-skin pelt on his right leg, fire on his left knee, his gas-mask and scale-style helmet and a few small changes such as a harness for his knife.

That’s all for Vutor, I’ll be posting mid this coming week with progress on Xenomortis, who I’ve been working on pretty hard over the past few days.