Marine of the Week: Deathwatch Standard Bearer

Hello Hobbyists!

Since I’ve rescheduled my airbrush session until I have all of a 1k point Deathwatch army primed (only 2 tanks, a dreadnought and assassin to go!), I’m rolling out an independent Deathwatch marine I created in my earlier hobby days.

He’s been built primarily from the old plastic space marine captain kit, with bits added from the command squad (like the banner) and other kits (I cannot remember where the shield on his right leg came from). I also used green stuff to create the text on his armour, and remodel the hand on the bionic limb to match the standard bearer pole.

His chapter remains unknown in name, as does the marine himself. Since He’s unlikely to ever see the field (given that there are no standard bearers for the deathwatch) I will let those facts remain a mystery.

That’s all for this week!