Marine of the Week: Kehreb Dawm

Hello Hobbyists,

This weeks Marine of the week is Kehreb Dawm of the Dark angels. He’ll be leading squads with a variety of weapons as he has been magnetised!

Kehreb Dawm’s name was built by googling the Hebrew equivalents of the words ‘sword’ and ‘blood’. I figure he’s either massacred a horde of xenos who wiped out his squad, or that he’s actually murdered a deathwatch blackshield who he suspected of being a fallen. Maybe both. Do Dark Angels players know if Deathwing/Ravenwing members ever join deathwatch?

Anyway, on to the model:

I took the body and head from the kill team kit, and used a generic space marine hand to reverse the position of the bolter. This shift let him use the blackshield sword, which I thought looked great on a dark angel. I then realised that I’d occasionally not be able to fit that in to points limit in small games, so I magnetised his shoulder and added the chainsword as an option. Furthermore, I thought I may need extra anti-vehicle power, so I magnetised a power fist too. I finished him off with a back pack from the plastic chaplain kit, adding the gothic look that dark angels like a bit more than others, and the dark angels chapter shoulder pad from kill team Cassius.

That’s all for now, check back next week for his squad.