Marine of the Week: Tyron Berak

Hello Hobbyists!

This is technically last week’s marine of the week, as I got a bit snowed under with my non-hobby life. Thankfully, I’ve got a new marine for you all, and he’s painted. Presenting: Tyron Berak!

Hailing from the Iron hands chapter, Tyron Berak bears a near constant expression of grim dissapointment: there are still Aliens alive. Tryon’s cybernetically enhanced hearts burn with hatred for their kind, and he was tithed to the deathwatch after presenting a data cache to his Iron Father on the optimal use of ordnance for the extermination of Tau battle-suits. Tyron’s analytical approach led him to select the most powerful weapon he could for the destruction of Xenos; the frag cannon.

The conversion for him is relatively simple: I used parts for the iron hands marine from Kill Team Cassius alongside the standard kill team kit. His paint job is currently at “tabletop quality” with only basecoats and shading done, with no highlighting (except for this face).

That’s all for now,