Marine of the Week: Ulrax Kardoza

Hi Hobbyists,

Time for another Marine of the week! This time we have Ulrax Kardoza of the Iron Hands. Ulrax is a pretty extensive kitbash of multiple kits of various vintages, check him out: (sorry the pic didn’t turn out well this time)

Ulrax is equipped as a ‘standard’ deathwatch marine, bearing a bolter and chainsword (since they’re free). Subsequently, he can expect to get a lot of field work. Unless GW invalidates that build.

So the breakdown: The helmet is drawn from an earlier generation of tactical marine, alongside his left arm and most of the belt accessories; the chest plate from the space marine vehicle accessories kit; the metal bionics come from the iron hands upgrade kit; Shoulder pads from the deathwatch accessories and kill team kits; a backpack from the kill team kit (to give him a high-tech look); and a chainsword from the mkIII armour kit.

Conversion work was fairly minimal: I took a drum magazine from the Tartaros terminator storm bolters and green-stuffed it to fit the metal bolter, I also added a shell to his belt to fill in a small gap.

As you may also have noticed, he has a base! Expect to see this more often in future Marine of the Week articles.

That’s all for now.