Marine of the Week: Kristov Dominicos

Hello Hobbyists!

Kristov Dominicos is our actual Marine of the Week, bearing a Chainsword and Bolter, he is the second Howling Griffons marine to grace this blog.

Kristov Dominicos is highly esteemed among the Howling Griffons, having fought in many wars across the galaxy and honoured countless vows. A vision of the Emperor while on the battlefield prompted him to demand his Chapter Master to transfer him to the Deathwatch. His request granted, Kristov continues the chapter tradition of honouring vows, and a rumour among his peers claims he has accumulated so many scrolls in his personal chambers that he now sleeps atop a pile of them between missions.

Kristov’s models uses components primarily from the Kill team Kit, but acessories from the terminators, grey knight strike squad and regular tactical marine kits appear, as well as a chainsword from an old assault squad kit. The scroll-tabard is green-stuff on a foundation of plasticard. He is painted to “tabletop” standard.

I must admit that I’ve cheated somewhat and photoshopped the glow onto his eyes in the portrait image.

That’s all for now,