Marine of the Week: Nuriel Tannos (From Last Week)

Hello Hobbyists!

Unfortunately I didn’t put out marine of the week last week, so here’s a catchup: Nuriel Tannos. He comes from the Blood Angels and carries the classic Deathwatch Frag Cannon. See below for more!

Nurel’s induction to the Deathwatch came following the Purging of a Genestealer Cult uprising on Tallanus Secundus. His squad pursued fleeing cultists into the narrow corridors of the city slums. There they were ambushed from multiple angles by hordes of vile hybrids. The unit would have perished were it not for Nuriel’s deft control of his Heavy Bolter. As the squad retreated, Nurel could clear corridors of his foes with short, efficient bursts before angling the weapon to a new target with now legendary speed and accuracy. Following his induction, Nurel became and expert in the use of the frag cannon, bringing hailstorms of shrapnel upon the enemies of the Imperium.

Nurel uses parts from the Kill team Cassius kit, the regular Kill Team kit and  one of the blood angels kits (I got the shoulder pad from a bits store). The conversion work was fairly simple, I cut the head from the Blood Angels Assault Marine and used some green stuff to restore his chin and neck, then I added the halo from his jump pack onto a backpack from the kill team kit.

As with the previous marine, I’ve painted Nuriel to “tabletop standard” with only base colours and shading on most areas of the model (with the exception of the face, for the sake of the portrait)

That’s all for now, I’ll post this week’s marine soon.